Connecting BOLD Projects and TOP Project Talent

Our expert recruitment solutions bridge the gap between premier Project Scheduling and Management professionals and their next rewarding opportunity.

Connecting Top Expertise to the Right Enterprise


Connecting BOLD Projects and TOP Project Talent

Our specialized recruitment services seamlessly connect top-tier Project Scheduling and Project Management professionals with their next fulfilling career opportunity.

We already know the project expert you’re looking for

Efficient Project Solutions

Management for your complex projects: seamless workflows, precise execution, project success amplified with expertise.

Talent Sourcing & Acquisition

Maximizing efficiency through identifying and attracting qualified candidates for your most complex projects.

Client Relations & Needs

Understanding your hiring needs and ensuring that we connect top talent that seamlessly integrate into your unique work environment.

Project Excellence Architects

At TPS Staff Solutions, we are the architects of project excellence, specializing in meticulous project coordination and management. Our skilled coordinators optimize workflows with precision, while our strategic project managers drive success from planning to execution.

We deliver solution for your most complex projects.

Shaping Success for Clients

Shaping Success for Clients


Your Path to Project Success

Choose us for expertise in project scheduling and management. Our dedicated team ensures seamless workflows, strategic leadership, and unparalleled success. Elevate your projects with TPS.

  • Expert Project Coordinators: TPS boasts a team of skilled schedulers and coordinators with expertise in optimizing workflows, ensuring seamless project execution with precision.

  • Strategic Project Management: Our seasoned project managers lead with proficiency, guaranteeing success from planning to flawless execution.

  • Tailored Solutions: TPS delivers innovative and customized solutions, addressing the unique needs of each client, maximizing efficiency, and driving unparalleled success.

  • Efficient Collaboration: Experience streamlined processes and optimal resource utilization with TPS, fostering efficient collaboration that elevates your projects to new heights.

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Ready to elevate your projects to new heights? Choose TPS Staff Solutions for specialized project scheduling and management expertise. Experience seamless workflows, strategic leadership, and unparalleled success.